Saraband Health - Meditation Course Outline

The meditation course covers an introduction to a range of meditation styles and practices

12 weeks course* 2 hrs/wk $72 ($60 con.)

The session structure will usually be in the following format:
*Minimum class size 4 people.

We will spend about 15 minutes having a discussion about a particular style of meditation practice. We will then practise the meditation for about 15-20 minutes, followed by a 10-15 minute discussion of the experience. After a break, we repeat the exercise with a new meditation.

If you are uncomfortable you may, at any time during the sessions, move your body. This course is not about pain or suffering, it is about reducing it.

Wear comfortable clothes.
Some meditations can be done seated in a chair, seated on the floor (or meditation seat/pillow), lying down or standing.

In some of the moving meditations it may be necessary for the facilitator to correct your posture by placing their hands upon you. If you are uncomfortable with this, do not be embarrassed to tell the facilitator. We will respect your reasons for not wanting to be touched and will ask your permission before attempting to doing so.

If any one has a particular issue or question that is outside the topic under discussion, please see the facilitator before or after the session, wherever possible, to discuss it**.

During the meditations some people may have profound experiences that may be of a very personal nature. You are not under any obligation to share these experiences if you do not wish to. We would ask that you all respect the privacy of others and their experiences if any do choose to share them, and keep all that you hear in confidence.

**Personal one on one meditation sessions are available click here for details

There is much scientific and well documented research on meditation all around the world. Western medicine is paying a lot more attention to meditation as science uncovers more and more evidence of the value of meditation through controlled clinical experiments.