Choosing a meditation

Reasons and practices for meditating

Dealing with chronic pain:
Consider Tai Chi, Qigong, Mindfullness meditation and Yoga or Yogic postures

Dealing with stress or anxiety:
Mindfullness meditation, Yoga nidra, Tai Chi, Yoga, Mindfullness meditation

Problems with focusing or can't sit still while meditating, or fall asleep:
try Tai Chi, Yoga, Qigong, Sufi dancing, Labyrinth walking, Ying Yang walking, Drumming, Dance, Trance dancing, Mindfullness meditation

Problems with self image:
Transformative meditations encompass Loving kindness, Mindfullness, Zen practice, Group meditation,

Problems with relating to the needs of others around you:
Loving kindness, Group meditation, Tonglen meditation, Mindfullness meditation

Wanting to become more aware of your body (internal and external):
Yoga nidra, Guided journeys, Tantric yoga, Mindfullness meditation

Dealing with depression, PTSD:
Tai Chi, Breathing, Mindfullness meditation