Tai Chi Bao Jian

Tai Chi Bao Jian (pronounced: Tai'ji bough'zhiang) means 'Grand Ultimate Health Care'.

This style is an evolution of Tai Chi Chuan (Grand Ultimate Fist) — a form of chinese shadow boxing — which itself is broken into hard, external styles and soft, internal styles of Tai Chi (Chen and Yang are two examples of the styles we often see performed by groups in parks). 
These styles are mind/body training exercises. The premise is that mind controls Chi (Qi) and directs it, with intention, to create power.

What we have done with Tai Chi Bao Jian is taken the martial objective (fighting an opponent) out of the equation and focused on the three essentials critical to the individual: Mind, Body and Spirit. We strive to maintain a balance not only within each area but as a unified whole.

The mind is the apex of the triangle that is Mind, Body and Spirit. Without mind there can be no functioning body or spirit. Yet there can be no body if there is no mind to support it and no spirit without mind or body. All are interconnected and must be maintained in a healthy state of balance for the individual to function as a coherent whole.

About the Trainer

Tony Jas took up martial arts in his early teens, briefly studying Savate from a French colleague he had worked with prior to taking up study in fine arts and graphic design. In his early 20s he began training in Okinawa Te Karate and then Go Ju Kai Karate but was dissatisfied with the restrictive styles of classical self defence.

In late 1974 Tony met with the pioneer of non-classical Kung Fu in Australia, Walt Missingham, and began training in Lin Wan Kune Do non-classical Kung Fu and soon "found his feet" in Missingham's innovative approach to Kung Fu. Tony studied for several years training as an assistant instructor with Missingham* before work and study commitments intervened.

At the end of the 80s Tony was struck with a mystery illness. After years of seeing various specialists he was finally diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as having problems with his spine. This lead to a lifestyle change that has encompassed the Professional Trainers Certificate in Conflict Resolution with the Conflict Resolution Network, the Meditation Facilitators Certificate (Nature Care College), Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (ITC North Shore) and Tai Chi (also at Nature Care) where he was the teacher's (Brett Pattinson) assistant (Grasshopper) for several years, and finally co-teacher.

*(Missingham is currently the long running President of the Australian Kung-Fu [Wu Shu] Federation and the first officially recognised instructor of Jeet Kune Do principles - the famous non classical style developed by the late Bruce Lee - in Australia)