The Benefits of Tai Chi Bao Jian



The benefits of Tai Chi Bao Jian can be summarised as follows:

Tai Chi Bao Jian was designed to give the individual a better sense of balance and increase muscle tone. This is particularly useful as we age.

Improved lung function through better air flow, particularly helping asthmatics

Tai Chi has been shown to slow the aging process

Tai Chi Bao Jian is useful in increasing and mobilising the range of movement in the joints, particularly the back as the movements in the set gently exercise and pump the intervertebral joints, increasing their flexibility and viscosity.

Better coordination and more body awareness.

Lowers stress and invigorates the body and senses.

As a moving meditation, Tai Chi Bao Jian can also have other beneficial effects. Click here to link to the Meditation page to see some of the other known benefits.

The long term practice of Tai Chi and meditation leads to a greater inner awareness that usually brings the individual to a greater understanding of their spiritual needs. Hence, the traditional forms of meditation including Tai Chi are as relevant today as they were in the past and, no doubt, will endure well into the future.



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