About the Tai Chi Courses

Tai Chi Bao Jian is taught in natural surroundings at Stony Creek to adults only.

The Tai Chi Bao Jian Short Form is a 24 movement set that can be completed in about 15 - 20 minutes.

Combined with the 7 exercises the student is able to undertake a good 30 to 40 minutes of gentle aerobic activity.

2 hours per week for 12 weeks

Booking essential (see contact page for details)

The Tai Chi Bao Jian Long Form is a 108 movement set that can be completed in about 45 minutes.

2 hours per week for 16 weeks

Booking essential (see contact pagefor details)

Group Fees* are $10 per 2 hour session
($5 for concession card holders)

One on One Fees are $25 per 2 hour session
($15 for concession card holders)

* minimum group size of 4 people.


Group sessions may be cancelled if there are insufficent numbers.

If there are large groups (10 or more) then there may be the possibility of an undercover site in Woodford as the venue.

So, how long before I become a Master?

It is a sad reflection on today's goal-oriented society that we spend so much of our time dwelling on the future. Even in our leisure time for instance, when we are in front of the television supposedly relaxing, we are encouraged at the climax of one program, to begin to anticipate what is "coming up" in the next. Forget about the present, think about the future.

Whether you are taking Tai Chi as part of a diploma course, for leisure or for health, there is only one way to be successful at Tai Chi . . . practise. Take a look at all the professional people that you admire and respect, be they doctors, healers, actors, writers or athletes; how did they achieve their status? Look at our Olympic athletes. Is the only reward they receive the result of 3-5 minutes of competition? No, they have their Practise! That's Practise as a verb, not a noun. Sure, you need goals and rewards along the way, and you also need to test your limits on occasion, but do you think that they would endure the endless hours of training and pain if their was no satisfaction in it?

The goal of Tai Chi is to have no goal. Your personal path (Tao) is not just made up of the peaks in life, 90% of it is all that stuff in between. If you can't enjoy it you will wasting much of the life you are given. Practice, be it in a career, sport or a relationship is where it is all at. The highs are the little rewards along the way, but it is the Way that is important. Becoming a Master in Tai Chi will come about as a by-product of staying on the path of practice. One day you just might look up and discover that you are a Master and realise that you are right back where you started, at the beginning. Enjoy your journey!

How miraculous, how wonderful! I draw water, I carry wood.
Chinese Zen saying (Tang dynasty)