You and your Health

While you may come to Saraband Health because you have particular symptoms or a condition such as heart disease or diabetes, you may not have thought about your long term goals. Improving your health and happiness, your energy levels and your wellness overall.

So, we can approach your treatment in three ways.

1. I can take a full case history, and then provide symptomatic relief for your main problem, for example giving you a supplement to reduce your PMS symptoms or your inflammation in arthritis. You take the supplements, and I may not see you again (although I would certainly hope to).

2. I can provide corrective care, helping you over weeks to change your diet and lifestyle, work on the things you want in life, doing some research on the best ways to help you correct the cause of your ill health, and getting you well again.

3. Or much better yet, I can do all of the above, plus see you on an ongoing basis (say every 3-6 months) to make sure your treatment strategy is the best you can have, help you stay with a good diet and lifestyle, help prevent any diseases of the ageing process (osteoporosis, strokes, dementia, arthritis etc) and keep you supplied with advice, supplements and research to keep you at your best.

Which of these sounds best to you? Think of the equivalents.

1. I can put a bucket under a leaky roof

2. I can put the bucket under the leaky roof, then get the roof fixed properly

3. I can remove the bucket, admire the repaired roof, and keep it from needing future repairs by keeping the gutters cleared of leaves, making sure it's in good condition, pruning any trees which might fall on it in a big storm and generally save money in the long term by spending small dollars on prevention.