Breathwork / Rebirthing

People often ask what breathwork or rebirthing are. They are one and the same thing: the use of full, conscious connected breath to resolve past trauma, limiting beliefs or scripts, and to help us to live intentionally.

Sessions can be done in groups or privately. At present Patrice is only practising privately. A session averages 3 hours, but can be longer or shorter.

At the beginning of the session, we spend a short time chatting to establish what issues may be troubling you. We set an intention. This could be anything at all: weight loss, a new job or relationship, dealing with anger, grief or past trauma, finding out your true purpose, just something you want to change in your life for the better.

Once the intention is established, you lie down on a mattress on the floor. There is no need to undress, but wearing loose, comfortable clothes is helpful. You begin to breathe consciously, and after a while you may experience something on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Patrice is there to support you and to assist you with what comes up. Anything that arises in the session will relate in some (often obscure) way to the intention you set.

After your session, Patrice will help you to mine the gold from your experience. You may wish to write down your thoughts or experience, draw a picture or lie quietly for a while.

The role of any breathwork facilitator is to create a safe and secure space for you to go places which may be difficult or uncomfortable (or maybe not!), to protect you as much as possible if you are moving about, and to be non-judgemental. Confidentiality is paramount.

Patrice studied rebirthing/breathwork with Alakh Analda of Zentium International.