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Help others for free by clicking your mouse button. I like to do it, and you can too. Here are a number of sites which help the hungry, the environment, animals, breast cancer sufferers, children and lots of other causes. Choose which interest you or click them all. There are many similar sites. One click per 24 hours from the one computer.

These links have been tested by me on a regular basis. I do not sign up to anything, and I've never had trouble with spam due to this activity. This selection may change from time to time as some sites complete their project.

Hunger Site (9 causes)

Hungry Children (India)

Okruszek (Poland) Click on the bread roll



Not a click-to-donate, but a micro-finance site helping entrepreneurs in third world countries attempt to break out of the poverty cycle and to which I lend is: Kiva . Please consider lending US$25 to help someone less fortunate.