What does it cost for a consultation?

Please see each of the pages under the modalities tab above for comprehensive information about each treatment type. You are welcome to ask questions when you book your appointment. Prices on this page have been adjusted from 1 January 2017.

Payment methods:
* Cash
* For regular clients, direct deposit to the company bank account will be available to pay in advance after your 4th treatment if this is more convenient.
Payment is required at each session. Patrice does not do workers compensation treatments, as the health funds do not pay out for some time, and can often involve extra work.
Health funds. If your health fund covers naturopathy or TENS (for ENAR), you may be eligible for a refund. Patrice will need details of your fund and their requirements and will issue a special receipt so you can claim.

1st visit (2 hours) $110 (full case history taken)
2nd visit (1 hour) $70 (management report presentation and discussion)
Followups (1 hour) $70
Please note that questionnaires may be emailed to you prior to your naturopathy session. This will assist in diagnosis, save time and improve the management of your health and wellness.

Costs for tests are on the pages giving full info about the tests. Tests currently available include hair mineral analysis, and food intolerance. Please click here for more info.

Energetic Healing, Reiki etc. $70 (1 hour) $100 (1.5 hours)
Deluxe sessions: eg. An energetic healing plus Reiki (2 hours) $120

Half hour session: $30 
ENAR plus Reiki/Energetic healing: (1.5 hours) $100

Per session (3 hours) $180. Includes intention setting, breath session and debriefing afterwards.
* Book three sessions (total $540) and receive a discount of $55 on the 3rd session, so you spend only $485.
* Book four sessions (total $720) and receive a discount of $110 on the 4th session so you spend only $610.

Supplements and supplies:
Bach Flowers: $8 for a 25ml bottle; $15 for a 50ml bottle for up to 4 remedies (including Rescue Remedy), or $1 extra for 5-7 remedies. Seven is the maximum no. of remedies in one bottle.
Herbal remedies: $16 for a 25ml bottle with up to four remedies; $25 for a 50ml bottle with up to 5 remedies; $40 for a 100ml bottle, $60 for a 200ml bottle.
Practitioner supplements (only available following consultation), sold at RRP
Over the counter supplements on special order, sold at RRP.

Please note that if you do not show up to your appointment (all modalities), you will need to still pay the full amount, as this time could have been devoted to another client.