Pain relief and de-stressing through ENAR

ENAR stands for Electronic Neuro Adaptive Regulation Therapy, and it is a new type of therapeutic medical device using reflex-bio-feedback electro-neuro-stimulation technology. ENAR works with the body, through the skin, to locate and innervate problem areas. ENAR prompts the body to heal itself, to relieve pain quickly, restore function and improve health. It is listed on the Australian TGA website as an approved device (Listing ARTG 147761).

A statistically significant study was carried out by researchers from Macquarie University in Sydney. Their study was to evaluate the effectiveness of treating chronic pain with ENAR, comparing it with TENS and a placebo. They used both subjective and objective measurements in a controlled and consistent environment, looking at both long and short term improvements in both physical and physchological parameters. The ENAR treatment got a statistically significant positive result. For more information, please download the PubMed summary and the Statistician's Report.There was also an article published in 2006 in the New Scientist (2006), and a more recent article published in 2014 in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The latter reviews results of a study carried out at RMIT.

ENAR is used with the electrodes directly on the skin, which should be free from oil or sweat. It can't be used through clothing, bandages or clothing. If an ENAR and massage treatment were combined, the ENAR session would be completed before the massage. So, if coming for an ENAR treatment, it is best to wear clothes that can be unbuttoned down the back or front, or reversed for modesty. One of the most common routines is performed down the spine while sitting.

ENAR does not involve manipulation. It is safe to use at any age, but if you have a pacemaker, or could be in the early stages of pregnancy, it could be contraindicated. Use during psychosis is also unwise, and it is not used on active tumours. However general protocols could be used to assist with pain management and energy boosting during chemo or radiotherapy treatments.

ENAR is particularly good at acute pain, relieving it and swelling if you injure yourself. You need to get ENAR onto the site of the bruise or trauma as quickly as possible. For chronic pain, expect to have sessions daily or 2-3 times a week to begin with, going to weekly for at least 6 weeks. After that maintenance sessions may be needed every few weeks.

ENAR can also be used to de-stress. Facial treatments (which also reportedly make people look a lot younger) are available, and these are very relaxing. You can combine an ENAR session with an energetic healing session for even more benefits.

ENAR is recognised by health funds as a TENS-type device so private health fund rebates may be possible. This will depend on what your health fund offers. If it does offer TENS rebates, please notify Patrice well before your session, and she will request the relevant forms from your fund so that you can claim. If you combine your session with another modality, this will be billed separately from the ENAR session, as only massage, naturopathy and ENAR/TENS are generally rebatable. If in doubt, please ask Patrice and your health fund what you may be eligible for.

If you wish to purchase your own machine, Patrice is able to arrange this for you.

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