Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) testing takes a sample of nape hair from the back of the head, to test for a wide range of nutritional elements and toxic metals. About a tablespoon of hair is needed, taken from the 3ms closest to the scalp. Several small samples can be taken so that it doesn't show! Hair from other parts of the body may be used if scalp hair is not available, but this may have limitations.

The hair sample is sent to a laboratory in the US with state of the art facilities, and a long record of consistent testing, which is very important. Within roughly 2-3 weeks, you will have comprehensive written results of your tests, with graphs, and supplement recommendations. Patrice can also access technical support from ICL.

Having an HTMA test is painless, non-invasive, and can save you hundreds of dollars in supplements by showing you what you do and don't need. It can also help to point out your health trends, so that you can work on preventing or delaying disease in the future. Retesting after 6-9 months is recommended.

Saraband Health charges $150 for the InterClinical Laboratories HTMA test and has kits available. There's a $10 discount for people who are on the age pension, or who are under age 16. A photocopy of the pension card is required to be sent with the hair sample and form. A followup test done within a year is $145. Samples must be taken during a visit to Saraband Health, as it's important that it is done to ICL's specification, and info is needed for the form. Payment is required at the time of taking the sample.

For more information on HTMA, a brochure is available from Saraband Health, or visit the Factsheet page on this site for a two-page handout.