Professional Associations

Health practitioners belong to various professional associations. Patrice is a professional practitioner member of three:



Professional associations are important. They set a Code of Practice by which members should practice; they accredit various courses to make sure that graduates are recognised and that professional standards are met; they require Continuing Professional Education on an annual basis, and they help to publicise and educate the general public about the disciplines they cover. They also require all practitioners to hold medical indemnity insurance.

If you are considering going to a natural therapist for the first time, it's important to find someone who is recognised as a professional and who holds insurance. Visiting the websites of these associations is one way of finding out more about what is available, who is practising in your area, and what qualifications they hold.

You may not be sure of what is acceptable or normal practice in a particular discipline. Looking at the websites of the various associations should help you to know if you have to undress, what may happen during a consultation, and generally what is normal. There's nothing worse than leaving an appointment feeling like you're not sure if you've been taken advantage of or ripped off.


There are lots of others. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and do look at the Code of Practice for each applicable discipline. Ask other people what they think of various practitioners. And if anybody breaches confidence, you can be sure that's a breach of professionalism.