Tests available through Saraband Health

Reliable testing is very important to getting a correct diagnosis. Many elements of a blood test can be of little real use. For example, a total cholesterol figure does not tell you levels of good and bad cholesterol. A TSH reading from a normal blood test is not specific enough to determine sub-clinical disease which can be caught early.

On the other hand, some blood tests can be really useful too. The Haematocrit, Blood chemistry and many other tests are absolutely critical to good diagnosis. What you have to realise is that a blood test measures exactly what is circulating in the blood at the time the needle is inserted. If you have been exposed to heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium etc. in the last 24-36 hours, then you will see those in the blood. But the heavy metals are quickly taken into the tissues. They're still there, but not in circulating blood, so a blood test is useless at assessing anything but immediate exposure to these toxins.

On the other hand, a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis shows what is slowly being excreted over a 3 month period. It only shows minerals, not vitamins or other nutrients or organic toxins. But the ratios of minerals in the results can be indicative of, and predict certain disease conditions, and this has been borne out time after time when I receive these tests back from the lab.

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